Meeting Schedule

 We will have our DABS meeting on Thursday 8/24/23 @ 12pm.

 The location will be at Artisans’ Bank located at 2961 Centerville Road Wilmington, DE 19808 on the 1st floor Training Room #136. 

We are limited to 40 attendees, please reply back if you are attending in person. 

 Lunch will be provided, as well!

There is plenty of free parking.
 Time and Location to be announced each month by email..

The officers of the DABS organization

President - Michael Lawson, VP
Artisans’ Bank

Vice President - Louis Brecht,
 TD Bank

Treasure - Betty Hetzler
Artisans’ Bank

If you have any ideas for items that would be useful to DABS, please click on the link below and let me know:

Michael Lawson, VP
Artisans’ Bank

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